Innovation, Whichever Way You Travel

About us

in-innovative navigation GmbH – the name of our high-tech company lays claim to performance and high innovative standards, to which we hold ourselves.

Since 1999, we have been developing innovative navigation systems and land-based traffic monitoring systems for the shipping industry, with on site implementation and integration.

Combining radar and GPS technology with state-of-the-art computer technology and information processing, we enabled the use of our software on land, on sea and in the air.

The company was founded in 1999 by three of its current shareholders, as a spin-off from the University of Stuttgart. Today, we employ over 40 people and provide navigation software and hardware needs worldwide.


1999 Founded as Spin-off from the University Stuttgart
2000 Market launch RADARpilot720°
2001 Land based IN-radar surveillance at the Kiel Canal
2002 DoRIS – VTS with AIS technology
2003 Radar based safety surveillance for the industrial park HOECHST
2004 Inland ECDIS certification for integrated navigation system
First large scale project: CSS Estonia
2005 Developmentof RASI (RAdarSImulator) for WSPS Hamburg
Signal processing for VTCS Portugal
2006 Radar surveillance at airport Inverness, Scotland
DoRIS , Phase II
2007 inVTSbox with multi radar display at river Rhine, Oberwesel
2008 MultiSensorTracking for VTS at harbor Antwerp
2009 Development RADARpilot720° OS (Open Sea)
AIS at the Middle Weser
2010 Modernization of French frigate including multi radar with pilot720° OS (Open Sea)
2011 CSS Black Sea, Bulgaria with IN components
inDTS for the Traffic Service at the German Coast
2012 Traffic surveillance for offshore windfarm GLOBAL TECH I
VTS at Basel Rhine ports
2013 Coastal border control system in Croatia
Version 4.0 of RADARpilot720°
2014 VTS for the offshore windfarm Butendiek including People Tracking
Extension of the company premises
2015 inWebDTS on market
Delivery radar towers for CSS East Africa
2016 Own company building
VTS for Port of Hamburg
2017 Web based radar display
RDV for Kiel Canal
2018 Research for automation in shipping
VTS display for tablets
2019 Next generation of VTS:
LUV-VTS for Dutch waterways
2020 Airborne Maritime Surveillance –
Cooperation with FRONTEX