Secure in Motion


In inland navigation, sometimes centimeters are crucial for a safe encounter between vessels.
The basic aim of developing the product line RADARpilot720° was to provide the skipper with all helpful information, even under extreme limited visibility.

We offer perfect solutions for all demands in inland, as well as open-sea, navigation. It ranges from simple electronic chart displays with AIS overlay to complex solutions with multi radar displays.
The proven navigation system RADARpilot720° integrates software and hardware quality with advanced sensor processing methods. It is successfully in operation worldwide in about 1000 vessels, as well as in radar training centers.

Besides continuous extension and ongoing participation to international research projects, in order to improve integrated navigation on inland waterways, innovative navigation also focuses on adjacent areas. Therefore, we also offer RADARpilot720° OS for open sea navigation that is eligible for certification and able to combine several radar scanners in one display.