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High Level Data Integration

In order to manage a logistic hotspots or area with high traffic volume, reliable and accurate information on time are needed by the operators of a VTS (Vessel Traffic Service). Consolidated traffic data from local and remote sensors, in conjunction with a management and information database perform consistent traffic analysis in the area of interest.

The Multisensor Tracker (MST) fuses the sensor information. MST processes and correlates data provided by multiple sensors and different sensor types (e.g. Radar, AIS, RFID, …) and produces system tracks that are updated by one or more sensors.

Based on configurable rules, the TrafficAnalysisSystem (TAS) monitors and analyses the traffic. It works on data provided by MST and/or AISproxy and generates traffic events to display applications.

To combine system data with external information resources, the central component inOMD (Object Management and Distribution) module provides data according to the calls of the clients and integrates e.g. additional information provided by data bases. This service oriented structure of our system setups guarantees the optimal presentation of information required at any work station of the surveillance system. The open and modular software architecture of inOMD offers the possibility to add further elements during implementation or upgrade of your system. As a result, your system is perfectly prepared for future technology development and standards.

High Level Data Integration