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Display Solutions


  • Networked Traffic Surveillance Services
  • Border Control
  • Multi-Radar Overlay
  • Lock Management
  • Incident Management
  • Pilotage Scheduling
  • Route and Traffic Prediction
  • Voyage Planning
  • Document and Report Management
  • Port Operations
  • Accounting and Billing

Our highly configurable displays are used worldwide in maritime traffic monitoring systems: at ports, at locks, on inland waterways, or for offshore installations. The latest concepts for information presentation are the bases for the user friendly and straightforward display solution, either in a self-contained VTS system or in a web application.

All sensor data (Radar, AIS, GPS; Satellite AIS, CCTV, RFID, etc.) are displayed together without any loss of time or quality. Automatic warnings are displayed in a customized manner.

The data of interest to the user can be displayed in tailor-made configurations on different operating systems (LINUX, Windows, iOS, Android) . Thus, the software isĀ  in use at permanently installed workstations in traffic centres, on notebooks or mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

We offer any combination of data display, from simple AIS displays on electronic charts, up to comprehensive VTS/CSS solutions or integrating information of generic databases.

The innovative display module is designed to meet the highest requirements of traffic surveillance. Due to its combination of high performance traffic viewport with a modern graphical user interface, inDTS, inDTSweb and inDTSmobile present any sort of integrated Management & Information System data at a glance.

Beyond the combination of a traffic viewport with an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and all other sensor information, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers clear configuration dialogs to adapt the display to project specific requirements. It is possible to define and change online target symbols, labels, table windows and alarm lists. Thereby, each display can be configured to be perfectly suited to the respective application purpose.

The control of external devices, like cameras and radar calibration, is offered at a workstation, if needed. Overlay or split screen display, with video and infrared images, is easily possible. Characters like Cyrillic, Chinese or others are possible.

The amount of information offered to a specific user group can be defined by a flexible and sophisticated Rights & Roles management system.

Display solutions