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AIS Network

Traffic surveillance and traffic management is, nowadays, unconceivable without AIS (Automatic Identification Signals). AIS components of innovative navigation guarantee an efficient and – if appropriate – a directed transmission of all static and dynamic AIS information.

AISinspector is a powerful software tool to analyze performance and efficiency of the AIS network installed. The traffic displays allow the operator to send messages directly via a specific destination transponder to defined user groups.

An AIS network of innovative navigation is a cornerstone to an integrated VTS solution. At any time virtual AtoNs (Aids to Navigation), SART (Search and Rescue Transmitter), water level measurements and others can expand the capabilities of the network.

Satellite AIS data comes as an ideal supplement to terrestrial AIS, since this allows for monitoring of vessel tracks even in offshore regions. The combination of satellite and land based AIS provide a unique presentation of the global maritime traffic and its logistical handling.

AIS Netzwerk