The right module, the perfect fit


Reality is your best trainer. At the same time, the learner needs reassurance that errors in judgment will remain without serious consequences for those involved. The Virtual Navigation Environment (inVNE) provides a simulation environment so close to reality, that the line between the training sequence and reality is blurred. Competence for maneuvers on inland waterways and coastal waters can be set up, structured and trained to become routine.

In addition, vessels, airplanes and sites show as virtual objects in the system. As in reality, the entire range of measurement signals (Radar, GPS, …) and communication (AIS, Typhon, …) is generated for up to 1000 boats in a traffic scenario.

It is possible for the instructor to have individual subsystems malfunction, or be disabled, to deliberately bring about situations that would require quick and correct decisions in reality.

The in-innovative navigation simulation modules are highly configurable, thus offering a wide palette of different complex simulation environments which can be adapted to training requirements.

Due to the excellent modeling of the dynamics of ships in flowing waters and the realistic simulation of sensor measurements in real time, it is easy for the learner to forget that this is just a simulation. Environment variables such as weather, rain, wind and tides can also be included in the transport scenario.

It is possible to connect the simulator to a VTS / CSS system. With it, the in-innovative navigation simulation system provides not only a precise model for the movement dynamics of various types of ships, but boasts a unique combined learning environment: Ship’s Masters and personnel in traffic centers who are responsible for traffic monitoring can be trained simultaneously in the same highly realistic virtual traffic environment