Handover of a modern maritime simulator
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Handover of a modern maritime simulator to the Water Police School in Hamburg

At the beginning of May 2023, the new ship navigation simulator was handed over to the Water Police School (WSPS) in Hamburg for training purposes. With this order, the long-standing successful cooperation between the WSPS and in-innovative navigation GmbH (IN) was continued and IN’s expertise in the supply of high-quality ship and VTS simulators was once again proven.

The new ship driving simulator (FaSi) consists of three NAUTIS bridge simulators, two instructor stations and a debriefing station for lesson evaluation. The simulator can be used to impart expertise for the professional maritime education and training of water police officers.

An essential component is the realistic simulation of possible operational areas in inland and maritime areas. The WSPS can access a fleet of different training vessels as part of the extensive training courses.

Five customized ship models of existing police boats were developed for the WSPS.

Model Ship – Coastal Patrol Boat

The simulation of the training vessel takes into account various influencing factors such as shallow water effects, wind, current, ship-ship interactions, channel effects or lock effects.

Fatih ┼×enel, project manager at in-innovative navigation GmbH, is satisfied with the result: “Within a few months we were able to successfully implement the many and demanding requirements as well as the specific needs for the teaching purpose. The radar and driving simulator combines an arsenal of functions that are a unique selling point for the training and teaching mission of the WSPS. With the simulator, the new WSPS building is more than equipped for the future in terms of teaching technology.”

Olaf Hagenloch, Head of Training at the WSPS, is looking forward to the integration of the simulator into the teaching at the WSPS: “With this simulator, the Water Police School will once again fulfil its mission to provide the officers of the water police from 15 federal states with the necessary qualifications. With this simulator, the WSPS will also be equipped for future training and further education needs, so that the colleagues can act at ‘eye level with the shipping industry’. With this simulator, we are taking another big step towards generation-appropriate learning in modern education and training. Within the framework of the project, the already proven cooperation with in-innovative navigation GmbH was confirmed again.”

The FaSi complies with the European Standards of Technical and Functional Requirements for Driving and Radar Simulators in Inland Navigation (ES-QIN).

The partner for the realization of the project is the Dutch company VSTEP from Rotterdam.

We wish the WSPS continued success in the use of the delivered ship navigation simulator!

Realistic representation of shore zones, structures











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