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in–innovative navigation GmbH introduces RADARpilot720° smart

Since the end of last year it is mandatory for all ships on German waterways to have an AIS transponder and an inland ECDIS map system on board. The new RADARpilot720° smart is a system that is specifically designed for such a display of AIS targets on an inland ECDIS map. Through its rugged hardware, the small dimensions as well as the high-performance and stable software, it is perfectly suited for use on inland waterway vessels.

It is based on a modern, ultra compact industrial PC, which is especially rugged through its broad temperature range and the omitting of moving parts. The device is equipped with 2 serial ports, 4 USB and 2 network interfaces, and thus a broad range of available interfaces.

Through the compact dimensions of only approx. 10.5 x 15 x 5 cm it can even be installed in cramped steering cabins. The option of directly connecting the device to the 24V on-board power system, and switching it on and off with an external button, complete the suitability for the installation on nearly any vessel.

The proven RADARpilot720° application is used as the software. It is characterized by its comprehensive range of functions, ease of use and very high stability. At the same time, it meets all the requirements of a modern inland ECDIS information system. The RADARpilot720° smart has an identical scope of functions as its “bigger brother” RADARpilot720° info, however, unlike this device it can not be upgraded to a full fledged inland ECDIS navigation system with radar overlay.

The RADARpilot720° smart is delivered with pre-installed maps of all European waterways. These  maps are available on the Internet on various European servers. in–innovative navigation GmbH integrates these into a clearly structured set of maps.

RADARpilot720° smart is a low-cost, high-performance solution to meet today’s requirements for the integration of AIS for navigation purposes on German inland waterways.

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