Bespoke Programming

Renewal of the VTS at Port Mohammedia, Morrocco

The port surveillance with radar and AIS at Mohammedia, Morocco, was installed in February 2012 as security solution provided by the company INDRA. The system is used to surveil the traffic at the oil refinery port of Morocco and included 1 radar location and AIS. To display the radar information correctly in the service room and in the control center, software components of in-innovative navigation GmbH came into operation.

Now, INDRA ordered a hardware upgrade as well as newer versions of the software RADARserver and RADARextracktor/tracker, which also includes a state-of-the-art PCI-Express RADARinterface card and, therefore, achieves better performance.

“Our modular concept allows the seamless integration of the new soft- and hardware with the existing modules like MST (MultiSensorTracker) and RADARgrabber. This shows the advantage of this system setup. Maintenance and renewal of parts of the system are possible without interruption. The longstanding cooperation with INDRA and the end customer shows how stable our VTS systems work.” project manager Sebastian Wagner of in-innovative navigation GmbH says.

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