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STL 2018: SECURE in MOTION – little aids for navigation

At this year’s SHIPPING TECHNICS LOGISTICS (STL) in Kalkar, on the 25th and 26th September, in-innovative navigation GmbH will present new support functions for navigation at booth 140 of its distribution partner Engel & Meier:

The combination of the integrated navigation system RADARpilot720° with the automatic track control system argoTrackPilot. The argoTrackPilot generates positioning commands derived from a guiding line and transmits them to the on-board autopilot. The guiding lines shown by RADARpilot720° are determined by the skipper. Thereby, dynamics and special characteristics of the ship are taken into account for the automatic track control.

Furthermore, you will discover the possibilities of today’s GNSS technology: A modern high-performance GNSS receiver makes possible accuracies of 10 cm for the position measurement, and 0.1 degrees for the heading information. These precise navigational data allow the exact representation of the own vessel on the navigation display RADARpilot720°, e.g. during mooring or when entering a lock. The position accuracy is made possible by special correction data received over a mobile internet connection. Rule lines for locks shown in the display of RADARpilot720° additionally support the skipper. Let us convince you: Such little helpers take safety in navigation to a new level!

Display of rule lines at locks in the chart of RADARpilot720°:

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