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Successful GO-LIVE for LUV VTS in Tiel, Netherlands

On April 12th, 2022, the new radar data processing system from in-innovative navigation GmbH (IN) went live in operations at the first of 6 VTS centers. Since being commissioned in June 2019 to modernize the nationwide VTS system, IN and EQUANS (formerly ENGIE) have been working intensively towards this goal and, after extensive testing, have reached this milestone. The GO-LIVE is an exciting moment for all parties, not least the nautical staff of the traffic center, who have to get used to the new radar data processing and display system.

In order to make the transition smooth and responsible, the pilots were intensively trained on the new system (inDTS) beforehand by in-innovative navigation GmbH. In addition, either an IN employee was available on site or a hotline for 12 days around the clock to provide the navigators with optimal support during this crucial phase of the project.

Dr. Thomas Gern, CEO of in-innovative navigation GmbH, stated after this promising start: “The transition from the old to the new system has gone largely smoothly at this first traffic center. This gives us great confidence that the upgrades of the other traffic posts can be carried out quickly. Above all, the constructive cooperation with our customer RWS and the people who will then work on the new system is highly gratifying for us in this project. This is the only way to sensibly develop the kind of customized system solutions that we offer.”.

On behalf of RWS (Rijkswaterstaat), 6 centers will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for radar-based traffic monitoring on waterways during this nationwide project LUV VTS. The next step, the technological conversion of the Wemeldinge traffic center in Delft, has already begun.

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