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in–innovative navigation GmbH wins supply contract for VTS offshore with people tracking

Butendiek is another commercial offshore wind farm to be built in the North Sea in 2014. The Bremen project developer wpd does not just project management, but also holds a 10% interest in the project. The commissioning of the first wind turbines is scheduled for fall 2014.
The wind farm is located in the North Sea, about 33 kilometers west of Sylt. The area with 80 wind turbines will comprise about 33 square kilometers. With complete commissioning in the summer of 2015, the 288-megawatt wind farm will provide electricity for about 370,000 households.
The company in-innovative navigation GmbH has won the tender in 2013 to equip this wind farm with an offshore sea space observation system.
Delivered is a high-performance inVTS system, a solution of in-innovative navigation GmbH, which is already used internationally at coastal and inland waterways for reliable traffic detection.

Several radars and cameras installed at various locations, as well as redundant AtoNs (Aids to Navigation) are the sensors that will provide all the necessary information about the environment of the area. The visualization of traffic takes place in the work station that can be both on the transformer platform and in the operations center on the mainland.

But not only the passing ship traffic is monitored and in case of collision danger or other disturbances, an alarm is generated automatically. Additionally, a special performance of the monitoring solution is that with inVTS and the necessary software modules, also the movement of the workers is detected which are in the field for installation or maintenance purposes. The positions of people are recorded on RFID technology and data are integrated into the traffic image. The so-called People Tracking function provides the information, which person is embarking and disembarking at a certain position. By displaying this information on the same display, workflows within the wind farms can be optimized and risks averted, because an overview is available about the persons positions in real time, which can be crucial in the case of rescue or search cases.

The ultra-modern display inDTS of in-innovative navigation GmbH is also part of the system solution. The operator, who is on duty on the platform or on the coast, ideally gets all the information integrated on an electronic map, so that the traffic situation is visible at a glance.

The in-innovative navigation GmbH is very proud of winning this attractive tender and to be able to contribute with solutions to secure offshore wind farms. This installation will continue to drive standards for the monitoring of wind farms at sea. The systems, developed by in-innovative navigation, are highly customizable through its modularity and open interfaces, so that monitoring tasks, which might become desirable only when in operating mode, can be integrated quickly and successfully.

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