Bespoke Programming

Promising partnership for offshore solutions

The British company Nesspoint Ltd. and in-innovative navigation GmbH join their forces and cooperate in the field of vessel tracking management and sea surveillance for the offshore wind market. Nesspoint, formerly Vissim Renewables, in addition to its office base in Norwich now has a demonstration suite at the Orbis Energy Centre, the hub for offshore renewables. The company has been involved with delivery of technology to many wind parks around the United Kingdom. in-innovative navigation is industry leader for custom-developed software platforms for vessel traffic services.

Marcus Krol, Head of sales of in-innovative navigation GmbH, was especially delighted: “We congratulate Nesspoint to their impressive relaunch and are looking forward to work with them. From my point of view, the partnership between the two companies will be an ideal match. We complement each other perfectly with respect to technology as well as to geography. Together we are able to provide the all-round solution for offshore facility surveillance and organization, and concurrently we will open up new sales fields for each other.”

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