Modernisation of the VTS system on the channel island Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. The ports of the island and its surrounding waters require an effective traffic management to ensure safe passage of dense commercial and leisure traffic.

Ports of Jersey monitors and guards the coastal waters using a VTS system that now gets an upgrade in a two-phase program lead by FREQUENTIS. in-innovative navigation GmbH has been awarded the contract to deliver a modern VTS system integrating data from Radar Video Network, AIS base stations and radio direction finder and presentation of the information in the traffic center of St. Helier.

The system – comprising 2 servers, 3 work stations for nautical operators and a maintenance station – is designed with built-in redundancy. Special features are the embedding of voice communication and the seamless integration of the emergency management to allow coordination of search and rescue actions most efficiently.

The new system is taken into operation whilst running the legacy system in parallel, thus, maintaining the 24/7 operability of the coastguard.