Simulator for WSPS Hamburg

The German Water Police Academy (WSPS) in Hamburg provides schooling for all officers of the Water Police throughout Germany.
The Radar Simulator (RASI) allows conducting radar and navigation exercises, both on coastal and inland waterways, taking into account specific conditions and characteristics of each.
The system consists of three trainee consoles that are set up like real ship bridges with original radar, radar display and navigational instruments. Two instructors can accompany each exercise and change conditions anytime during runtime on the user friendly GUI.
in-innovative navigation delivered the software simulator producing a realistic situation environment, using all sensor signals, converting radar information into analog signals to integrate certified radar systems, and provided project management, installation, setting-to-work, approval of the system and training.

Simulator for raw sensor data, used in a Wide Area Multilateration system for air traffic

The airspace around Frankfurt is one of the busiest and largest in the world. There, the first operational Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system of Germany has been installed. This comprises support for a collaborative air traffic control, the transponder based sensor system MAGS
(Multilateration Air/Ground Surveillance). The high reliability requirements for such a system make comprehensive tests via simulation indispensable.
in-innovative navigation delivered the simulator software, including installation, setting-to-work, approval of the system and training.