Upgrade for VTS System in Maastricht

A new traffic monitoring system is to be installed in Maastricht this year, for which RADIO HOLLAND has commissioned in-innovative navigation GmbH to supply state-of-the-art hardware and software.

As early as 2011, in-innovative navigation GmbH already equipped the traffic center there with a VTS-System, in particular with a special split screen display, which for the first time made it possible to show the entire river section of the river through the city, including a lock and a bascule bridge, all on one single screen.

The traffic center of the responsible waterways and shipping authority, Rijkswaterstaat Limburg, is located about 500 m away from the lock, without direct view of the two bottlenecks, which makes the radar-based traffic display an essential tool there. Andreas Prizkau, project manager at in-innovative navigation GmbH: “We are very pleased that our IN System has proven itself in Maastricht and that we can now also modernize the system there. We will implement the new system this spring.”.

Split screen display of river Meuse inDTS: