Automatic track control with RADARpilot720°

Guiding lines have been an approved component of the integrated navigation system RADARpilot720°, and have to date acted as optical provisions for the ship’s route on the waterway. They predominantly consist of curves that adapt themselves to the naturally curved river.

In combination with the argoTrackPilot, a new system has now being created to automatically guide a ship along this line. The argoTrackPilot generates coordinated control-commands for the on-board autopilot. Thereby, it takes into account the specific features of the vessel. It is additionally possible to move the current travel track parallel to the saved track, if the current situation calls for it. The ship then automatically pivots on the new line, without having to switch off the track control.

The RADARpilot720° displays the currently set as well as the saved track on its navigation display. It is presented together with chart, radar and AIS information. As a result, the skipper has all the required information on one screen.

The ship’s captain can then easily choose the appropriate guiding line from a selection, quickly adjust existing lines directly on the display, as well as create and save new guidelines.

Product information