in-innovative navigation GmbH is partner of the consortium NOVIMAR

The aim of the NOVIMAR project is to optimize the transport of goods on waterways. It started in June 2017 with a first meeting of the project partners. In addition to in-innovative navigation GmbH, 21 other partners from 9 European countries are involved in the consortium, including logistics experts, representatives from industry and various public institutions as well as research institutes. Together, the possibilities and costs / benefits of a new transport system, the so-called Vessel Train, are researched and evaluated.

The vessel train consists of one crewed leader vessel followed by a number of lowly manned or unmanned follower vessels from different class sizes. The follower vessels keep their own manoeuvring capabilities, but will partly under automatic control and mostly be led by the crewed leader vessel. NOVIMAR will identify needed boundary conditions for such a transport system which would be more economical and offers more flexibility and efficiency in terms of logistics.

“As the leading European manufacturer for integrated Inland-ECDIS navigation systems, we believe that future developments will raise the level of automation and autonomy of ship guidance similar to the development in automobiles. Within NOVIMAR we want to contribute our knowledge and experience already at a research level to make navigation easier and safer.” says Sebastian Wagner, project manager at in-innovative navigation GmbH.

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