Start signal for the development of SciPPPer – an innovative locking assistant

The name SciPPPer  (SChleusenassistenzsystem basierend auf PPP und VDES für die BinnenschifffahRt) stands for “Inland Locking assistance navigation system based on PPP and VDES“). Within SciPPPer  which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI), in-innovative navigation GmbH is one of seven project partners involved in improving the technology standard of the waterway infrastructure in Europe, since the enhancement of inland and coastal shipping is a necessary auxiliary measure to improve efficiency of logistics.

Lock passages are of the most common, but also the most demanding and critical inland waterway maneuvers and they take a considerable amount of travel time. The aim of the project for in-innovative navigation GmbH is the development of an innovative assistance system, which will ultimately allow automatization of entering and leaving a lock.

One of the CEOs of in-innovative navigation GmbH, Dr. Martin Sandler, explains: “Technically, the real time and highly accurate positioning of the ship bases on satellite navigation and precise distance measurements. The new technology PPP (Precise Point Positioning) provides these data. Transmission is using the new VDE (VHF Data Exchange) standard. We will develop the integration of the information and presentation on a corresponding navigation display. Further we research the required short-range sensor technology within the framework of the project.”

To secure and expand Germany’s position as a logistics hub in Europe, the inland waterway as part of the transport chain can be integrated more efficiently. Therefore, the effective use of waterways and locks is an important approach.