Green light for development of NaMIB

In 2017, innovative navigation was contracted by KISTERS AG, respective WSV (Waterways and Shipping Authority, Koblenz) as end customer, with the development and implementation of a software system that is modular and applicable on a nationwide basis. I will be the follow up application (NaMIB – Nachfolgeanwendung des bestehenden Melde- und Informationssystems für die Binnenschifffahrt) to the already existing reporting and information system of the WSV.

WSV’s inland navigation, reporting and information system (MIB I/ II+), which has been in operation since 2010, serves to provide the relevant service and rescue teams with information pertinent to their operation in case of emergencies, accidents or maritime damages. Certain ships are obligated to register and unregister when passing the major inland waterways. Simultaneously, the responsible VTS centers inform the skippers about the state of the according waterways. Thus, ship, cargo and/or voyage data can be quickly provided and forwarded in case of an incident and, thereby, enabling the appropriate measures to be taken faster.

in-innovative navigation GmbH gave the go-ahead for the development of the follow-up system, after the fine specification had been accepted and the critical design review passed.

By December 2018, 10 operational units of the WSV in Germany as well as additional locations in the neighboring countries (CH, FR, and LU) will be equipped with the new soft- and hardware replacing the former system, and, thus, enabling Germany to fulfill, to a greater extent, the current European requirements for the harmonization of the inland navigation information services (RIS). As a result, inland navigation will be a step safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.