Innovative assistance for navigation

in-innovative navigation GmbH participates in the SHIPPING-TECHNICS-LOGISTICS (STL 2017, 26th-27th Sptember) in Kalkar, which is the only trade exhibition for inland navigation in Germany.

Main topic of the presentation is a new assistance function for navigation on inland waterways. The proven integrated navigation system RADARpilot720° now has an interface to the world’s first automatic track keeping system for inland vessels, argoTrackPilot, developed by the company ARGONICS GmbH. The guiding lines available from RADARpilot720° not only serve for display of the best route to follow, but can also be used to move the vessel itself exactly along them.

Those guiding lines to be followed may be easily created and adapted by drag & drop vertices of the guiding line using the proven navigation display. Indication of chart, radar and AIS information allow evaluating the quality of route chosen currently.

Thus, safe ship navigation has reached the next level. The skipper is alleviated from tiring routine work during navigation; the automatic guiding reacts sensitively to deviations and, thereby, reduces fuel consumption.

The combination of RADARpilot720° with argoTrackPilot is the perfect equipment for cost effective and safe navigation of your vessel.