EU patent for MultiSensorTracker

The grant of this patent now protects the sophisticated process developed by in-innovative navigation GmbH, which serves to improve the accurate multi sensor tracking of objects on rivers, waterways and in harbors. The process is used in many traffic surveillance systems.

Reliable tracking algorithms are particularly challenging in VTS systems along narrow waterways, because tracking is hampered by shadowing effects due to geographical or constructional circumstances, which is in contrast to the conditions for traffic surveillance on open sea. Furthermore, vessels often passing close to each other may cause erroneously merging of tracks in the traffic display.

in-innovative navigation is working for many years in the field of radar based target tracking and has gathered relevant experience.

Dr. Reinhard Zimmermann, one of the CEOs of the company was very pleased about the certificate given by the European Patent Office (EPO): „Finally, the patent proves the technological advantage of our products. It justifies the high investments of our company for research and development; and it also ensures our excellent competitive position in future.“