New VTS for Sassnitz/Mukran Harbor on the island of Rügen

The city of Sassnitz has commissioned in-innovative navigation GmbH to deliver and install the new Vessel Traffic Service system for the ports of Sassnitz and Mukran on the island of Rügen. For the first time, in-innovative navigation GmbH has offered the option to deliver the system as a leasing model. Initially, the contract runs for 5 years after commissioning.

The inVTS will combine the monitoring of the Sassnitz port and Mukran Port, thus, enabling central traffic management. The system includes a new radar scanner, radar video network and multi-sensor tracking, as well as processing AIS data and integration of several cameras distributed in the ports of Sassnitz and Mukran. In addition, data of wind, barometric measurements and other weather sensors are integrated. A central, fixed VTS workstation in the port of Sassnitz will display all information, but also mobile web-based displays are made available to further users.

While the Sassnitz city harbor has established itself as a mixture of fishing and tourism port, Mukran Port is a multipurpose port with direct access to the open Baltic Sea, which leads to its steadily increasing importance. Its geographical position close to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia and the Baltic states makes the site predestined as a major hub for international passenger and freight traffic.

Additionally, due to the facilities provided on 430 hectare and the well established transport connections to the hinterland, the port offers ideal conditions for serving the growing offshore wind industry.

“The contract for the modernization of the VTS has been signed on June 6th,“ Gero Diezis, senior sales engineer in-innovative navigation GmbH, explains: “I am sure that our system will meet all requirements at the harbor authorities’ utmost satisfaction. We are very happy that we could win another important German port as customer besides Port of Hamburg. The Sassnitz/Mukran Port is becoming one of the major industrial and commercial centers at the German Baltic Sea. This is the testimony for our modular solutions approved. In addition, the new leasing model we were able to offer is of benefit for both sides. “