Surveillance of the Port of Basel and the Rhine River, and a direct connection to the fire department of Basel

The Swiss Rhine ports are the most important hub for Swiss import/export. The traffic volume associated makes reliable traffic surveillance indispensable, with participation of local authorities that have access to the VTS data via the internet.
in-innovative navigation delivered the entire hard- and software inclusive radar, AIS base stations, display of traffic situation in the operation center, display in the command and control center, display in a web environment. As the main contractor, in-innovative navigation was responsible for project management, installation, setting-to-work and approval of the system.

The traffic on the Rhine River at Oberwesel is detected and guided with the highly sophisticated system inVTSbox

The highly bended section of the Rhine River, between Oberwesel and St. Goar with Loreley, puts high demands on traffic coordination, especially since the traffic volume increases steadily and vessels are bigger than in the past. For a safe passage, precise coordinated encounters are essential. Therefore, traffic is detected and monitored with AIS and radar and the highly sophisticated VTS system of in-innovative navigation presents the traffic image in the RVZ Oberwesel.
Delivery comprises soft- and hardware for data processing for up to 6 radars, an AIS network with 3 base stations, traffic viewport in operation centers with up to 6 display units. As the main contractor in-innovative provided project management, installation, setting-to-work and approval of the system, as well as training to all staff levels.

Radar Video Network (inRVN) and AIS at Zelzate Bridge, Belgium

in-innovative navigation GmbH delivers the Radar Video Network and AIS integration necessary for the modernization of the VTS system, which is used to detect all vessel movements on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. The VTS system combines a suitable short-range radar unit.
Delivery comprised of the complete Radar Video Network for radar acquisition, data processing and display of raw data at the traffic center.

DoRIS – Donau River Information Services

River Information Services (RIS) are customized information services for inland waterway transport and make it possible to coordinate logistical processes with actual transport situations on a constant basis as a contribution to a more efficient and safer use of the inland waterway Danube River.
in-innovative navigation delivered hard- and software for 25 ship navigation systems, software for 43 land based display units for traffic management.

Nationales AIS-System zur Überwachung der Binnenschifffahrt auf der Mosel

Nationales AIS-System zur Überwachung der Binnenschifffahrt auf der Mosel.

Komplette Soft- und Hardware für ein AIS-Netzwerk und für die Darstellung der Verkehrslage an einem dediziertem Arbeitsplatz sowie als Web-Anwendung; als Hauptauftragnehmer komplette Projektabwicklung inkl. Installation, Inbetriebnahme und Abnahme