Powerful pooling of competences

The companies in-innovative navigation GmbH and Argonics GmbH join their activities in the field of navigation applications for inland vessels.

in-innovative navigation GmbH has been active in the field of chart display systems with radar overlay for more than 20 years; RADARpilot720° is the leading European product in this field. Argonics GmbH is active, among other things, in the field of automatic track keeping of inland vessels; the argoTrackpilot is also the market-leading product in this field.

The inland ECDIS product RADARpilot720° of in-innovative navigation GmbH as well as all inland navigation activities will be incorporated into the new company Argonav GmbH; and the core team of RADARpilot720° around Dr. Martin Sandler will keep working on  inland ECDIS navigation systems for inland vessels within Argonav GmbH in the future.

in-innovative navigation GmbH will concentrate on applications for traffic monitoring on waterways, in ports and coastal areas, as well as on approved radar and chart systems for maritime navigation.

The group of companies consisting of Argonics GmbH and Argonav GmbH will create a technologically leading unit in the field of inland navigation.

Control engineering, sensor technology, chart and radar image processing paired with programming and IT knowledge are essential components of the joint know-how. It is the basis for  future developments of products on the way to automated and, prospectively, autonomous shipping. This is complemented by the two companies’ extensive involvement in various research projects such as NOVIMAR, SCIPPPER, AKOON and FernBin.

Argonics and Argonav will bundle their activities in the field of inland navigation in joint premises in Stuttgart – Vaihingen from February 2021.