inDTS is now S-100 ready!

At this year’s EUROPORT, we took the chance to showcase the integration of SevenCs’ state-of-the-art S-100 Nautilus ECDIS kernel into our inDTS application for the first time. We have had a long and fruitful cooperation with SevenCs for over 20 years. We are pleased that with inDTS and Nautilus we can combine two powerful tools into one comprehensive and highly performant maritime traffic monitoring solution.

The integration of bathymetry data, for example, provides our customers with a wealth of new information. The availability of this data is essential for the precise planning and execution of dredging work, e.g. in harbor areas or river sections that depend on draught. It is therefore crucial to carry out such work, for example, to remove washed-up sand from canals or berths to ensure the required water depths. If this bathymetry data is also available in a highly up-to-date condition, harbor operators can plan the use of berths in an even more targeted manner.

Thanks to the cooperation with SevenCs and the regular exchange and participation in the relevant standardisation committees (e.g. IALA VTS Working Groups), we are ideally positioned not only to meet current standards such as S-124 “Navigational Warnings” or S-125 “Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN)”, but also to smoothly integrate future standards of the S-100 framework. Examples of this are the standards S-210 “Inter-VTS Exchange Format”, S-211 “Port Call Message Format” and S-212 “VTS Digital Service”.

This advanced co-operation enables us to meet the constantly growing requirements of the maritime industry and at the same time to provide innovative solutions that continuously improve efficiency and security in VTS systems.

Handover of a modern maritime simulator to the Water Police School in Hamburg

At the beginning of May 2023, the new ship navigation simulator was handed over to the Water Police School (WSPS) in Hamburg for training purposes. With this order, the long-standing successful cooperation between the WSPS and in-innovative navigation GmbH (IN) was continued and IN’s expertise in the supply of high-quality ship and VTS simulators was once again proven.

The new ship driving simulator (FaSi) consists of three NAUTIS bridge simulators, two instructor stations and a debriefing station for lesson evaluation. The simulator can be used to impart expertise for the professional maritime education and training of water police officers.

An essential component is the realistic simulation of possible operational areas in inland and maritime areas. The WSPS can access a fleet of different training vessels as part of the extensive training courses.

Five customized ship models of existing police boats were developed for the WSPS.

Model Ship – Coastal Patrol Boat

The simulation of the training vessel takes into account various influencing factors such as shallow water effects, wind, current, ship-ship interactions, channel effects or lock effects.

Fatih Şenel, project manager at in-innovative navigation GmbH, is satisfied with the result: “Within a few months we were able to successfully implement the many and demanding requirements as well as the specific needs for the teaching purpose. The radar and driving simulator combines an arsenal of functions that are a unique selling point for the training and teaching mission of the WSPS. With the simulator, the new WSPS building is more than equipped for the future in terms of teaching technology.”

Olaf Hagenloch, Head of Training at the WSPS, is looking forward to the integration of the simulator into the teaching at the WSPS: “With this simulator, the Water Police School will once again fulfil its mission to provide the officers of the water police from 15 federal states with the necessary qualifications. With this simulator, the WSPS will also be equipped for future training and further education needs, so that the colleagues can act at ‘eye level with the shipping industry’. With this simulator, we are taking another big step towards generation-appropriate learning in modern education and training. Within the framework of the project, the already proven cooperation with in-innovative navigation GmbH was confirmed again.”

The FaSi complies with the European Standards of Technical and Functional Requirements for Driving and Radar Simulators in Inland Navigation (ES-QIN).

The partner for the realization of the project is the Dutch company VSTEP from Rotterdam.

We wish the WSPS continued success in the use of the delivered ship navigation simulator!

Realistic representation of shore zones, structures











inDTSmobile now available as app

inDTSmobile is now available for download from the App Store®. This opens up completely new possibilities for traffic guidance and management, and communication between traffic centers, pilots or other mobile forces.

“The app offers many functionalities like our proven VTS display inDTS, so that the operation is intuitive “, explains Heiner Lamprecht, head of the JAVA development department at in-innovative navigation GmbH. “Because inDTSmobile is available on a smartphone or tablet, it can easily be used on the road by employees of port authorities, traffic control centers or the water police. Even live video from cameras integrated into the VTS system can be easily accessed just via smartphone.”.

inDTSmobile shows the current ship positions along a river section or in coastal waters live on a nautical chart. All available information on other ships is also shown in a tabular list. The new app can be used by pilots, for example, to display planned voyages for navigation on difficult stretches of water. A 3-D view provides a realistic representation of the planned route. Additional maps, radar, tide and weather data can be displayed as layers. When the application is connected to the control center and the central data base, it is possible to modify data with respect to the current traffic situation, therefore, missions can be coordinated more effectively.

To use inDTSmobile it is necessary to be connected to the backend of a VTS system provided by in-innovative navigation GmbH.

Upgrade for VTS System in Maastricht

A new traffic monitoring system is to be installed in Maastricht this year, for which RADIO HOLLAND has commissioned in-innovative navigation GmbH to supply state-of-the-art hardware and software.

As early as 2011, in-innovative navigation GmbH already equipped the traffic center there with a VTS-System, in particular with a special split screen display, which for the first time made it possible to show the entire river section of the river through the city, including a lock and a bascule bridge, all on one single screen.

The traffic center of the responsible waterways and shipping authority, Rijkswaterstaat Limburg, is located about 500 m away from the lock, without direct view of the two bottlenecks, which makes the radar-based traffic display an essential tool there. Andreas Prizkau, project manager at in-innovative navigation GmbH: “We are very pleased that our IN System has proven itself in Maastricht and that we can now also modernize the system there. We will implement the new system this spring.”.

Split screen display of river Meuse inDTS:

Data communication at a new level

Inform yourself on the EUROPORT 2019 at booth no. 3303 about new possibilities of an extended display of the VTS traffic image. inVTS systems not only offer to display sensor data provided by sensors installed on mobile forces in a traffic control center; the data can also be shown in real time on mobile devices such as tablets using a standard web browser. This expands the range of options when using such data: Forces can inform themselves about the actual current situation regardless of their location.

How these new functions and the product portfolio of in-innovative navigation GmbH will be implemented in the nationwide traffic monitoring system in the Netherlands (LUV VTS NL) in the future will also be shown on at booth no. 3303 at the EUROPORT.

The in-innovative navigation GmbH can not only provide services for coastal and offshore monitoring, but also new technologies for inland navigation, as shown in the RADARpilot720 ° NG (New Generation). The combination with argoTrackPilot (argonics) gives the skipper a new assistance system that automatically guides a ship along a guiding line.

We are looking forward to your visit!

20 years in-innovative navigation GmbH

The 20th anniversary of in-innovative navigation GmbH was the occasion for a two-day inHOUSE SYMPOSIUM & EXHIBITION entitled in FUTURE in MOTION. The President of the GDWS, Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Witte, opened the conference. Numerous business partners and companions of in-innovative navigation GmbH from all over the world met in order to present the latest technologies and possibilities of digitization in the field of traffic monitoring and navigation. In a subsequent panel discussion, the chances of automation and digitization were discussed.

On the second day of the event, the latest practical developments were presented on an inHOUSE exhibition, where visitors were able to actively steer a vessel through the port of Rotterdam on a virtual ship bridge including state-of-the-art 3-D visualization. Also, the political guests as State Secretary Steffen Bilger of the Ministry of Transport and Dietmar Allgaier (Mayor of Kornwestheim) were impressed. In the evening of the second day, employees, their families and guests concluded the successful event with delicious grilled specialties, live music and dance.

Development and implementation of a modern Inland AIS system for the Donau River Information Service (DoRIS)

As part of the modernization of inland AIS communication on European inland waterways, the proven Austrian information and management system DoRIS (Donau River Information Service) will be extended. It has been operated by the viadonau since 2005 and serves both skippers and logistics providers, as well as authorities and the administration of the waterway as an important source of information about the traffic situation, water levels and lock waiting times. DoRIS prepares all information in a user-friendly way and makes it available via web portals, e-mail or as mobile apps.

viadonau has now awarded the contract to in-innovative navigation GmbH for renewal of this system with extension of the functionality scope. The new software is adapted to state-of-the-art technology and will meet the requirements of the international standardization panels. All data will not only be available at workstations in the traffic control center, but the data will also be presented via web technology on mobile devices.

Uwe Vögele, CEO of in-innovative navigation GmbH, confirms: “That was good news that just came right for Christmas. We are very proud that viadonau wants to carry on working with us for this forward-looking project in the area of ​​Inland AIS. Thus, we can continue this exchange of experience, which was very fruitful for both parties in the past. “.