Development and implementation of a modern Inland AIS system for the Donau River Information Service (DoRIS)

As part of the modernization of inland AIS communication on European inland waterways, the proven Austrian information and management system DoRIS (Donau River Information Service) will be extended. It has been operated by the viadonau since 2005 and serves both skippers and logistics providers, as well as authorities and the administration of the waterway as an important source of information about the traffic situation, water levels and lock waiting times. DoRIS prepares all information in a user-friendly way and makes it available via web portals, e-mail or as mobile apps.

viadonau has now awarded the contract to in-innovative navigation GmbH for renewal of this system with extension of the functionality scope. The new software is adapted to state-of-the-art technology and will meet the requirements of the international standardization panels. All data will not only be available at workstations in the traffic control center, but the data will also be presented via web technology on mobile devices.

Uwe Vögele, CEO of in-innovative navigation GmbH, confirms: “That was good news that just came right for Christmas. We are very proud that viadonau wants to carry on working with us for this forward-looking project in the area of ​​Inland AIS. Thus, we can continue this exchange of experience, which was very fruitful for both parties in the past. “.