Radar Video Network (inRVN) and AIS at Zelzate Bridge, Belgium

in-innovative navigation GmbH delivers the Radar Video Network and AIS integration necessary for the modernization of the VTS system, which is used to detect all vessel movements on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. The VTS system combines a suitable short-range radar unit.
Delivery comprised of the complete Radar Video Network for radar acquisition, data processing and display of raw data at the traffic center.

CSS Bulgaria – a coastal surveillance system for the entire Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Since Bulgaria is located at the most eastern “Blue” border of the EU and wants to become a signatory to the Schengen Agreement, special requirements have to be fulfilled with respect to its coastal protection at the Black Sea. Basis for an effective coastal surveillance is the reliable detection and identification of all traffic along the coastline.
in-innovative navigation delivered the complete sensor data processing for 12 radar locations and AIS, multi sensor fusion and operator work stations in 2 regional and one nationwide centre. Additionally, the integration of CCTVs was provided, as well as support for installation of components, setting-to-work, approval and training of operators on site.

Coastal Vessel Traffic Surveillance System (VTCS) in Portugal

in-innovative navigations modular components for Vessel Traffic Surveillance (VTS) and coastal surveillance are contributing to maritime safety along the coast line of Portugal.
in-innovative navigation provides the highly available radar data processing for 16 radars, the integration of an AIS network and multi sensor fusion in 3 traffic centers in hot standby configuration.

VTS system at Neum Bay in Croatia supports authorities in safeguarding the EU‘s borders

In order to support the local border authorities in their fight against illegal cross border activities, a regional surveillance system at Neum Bay and Mali Ston Bay has now been installed that will, in the future, help to detect and identify potential smugglers via radar and infrared technology.
Soft- and Hardware have been delivered for 2 radar locations, 2 display units for operators with integration of CCTVs, a display for service and maintenance, as well as supporting installation of components, setting-to-work and training.

DoRIS – Donau River Information Services

River Information Services (RIS) are customized information services for inland waterway transport and make it possible to coordinate logistical processes with actual transport situations on a constant basis as a contribution to a more efficient and safer use of the inland waterway Danube River.
in-innovative navigation delivered hard- and software for 25 ship navigation systems, software for 43 land based display units for traffic management.